Donate to Tualatin School House Pantry

Let’s go shopping for Tualatin School House Pantry!

Your donation to Tualatin School House Pantry allows us to purchase food from the Oregon Food Bank for a share cost, which is a significant reduction from the retail cost. It also helps us to purchase items such as fresh milk.

You can contribute a fixed amount or an amount represented by the sample items shown below. These choices represent some of the most commonly needed items at the pantry. Another way to think about this is how much food your contribution will provide for a family of four. The prices shown are approximate and can provide you with a feeling for the difference that you can make.*

When you check out you can pay for your contribution via credit card or directly from your bank account via our secure Pay Pal connection.

Item Cost Each
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50 lbs of rice or 1 meal $5.00
24 boxes of Mac & Cheese or 1 days food $10.00
30 lbs of margarine or 2 days worth of food $20.00
Daimler Food Drive $25.00
48 cans of tuna or 3 days worth of food $30.00
12 whole chickens or 5 days worth of food $50.00
25 gallons of fresh milk or 15 meals $75.00
Food for two families for 10 days      $100.00
Other (Enter total dollar amount of contribution)  

* NOTE: Your contribution will be used to purchase the food most needed by the pantry at the time of your donation.
Thank you for your generous contribution to the Tualatin School House Pantry!